IVR Step by Step Instructions
The IVR system will first prompt you to enter 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.  This is a one key response and as soon as the key is pressed it will go on to the greeting.  Any special messages would also be announced at this time.
The IVR will now prompt for the customer number that has been assigned to you by FSE.  Enter the number and press the # key to tell the system that you are done entering the number.  The system will play back your name that it has registered for the number entered.  If you enter the customer incorrectly, you can press the * key when it asks for the load tons and the system will prompt again for the customer number and you may re-enter it.  The * key will go back to the previous prompt during any of the following steps. 
The IVR next prompts to enter the load tons for the invoice.  This prompt requires a 3 digit response and the system assumes that the weight entered is in the form 00.0.  The weight is always in half ton increments so if you want to order 25 tons you would enter 250.  If you are ordering 17.5 tons you would enter 175.  If you are ordering 6 tons, you would enter 060.
The IVR next prompts for the flock number.  Enter the number that is assigned to the flock and press the # key to denote the flock has been entered.
The IVR next prompts for the feed code you are ordering.  This will correspond to the codes that FSE has sent to you for use with the IVR system.  When you enter the feed code, end it by pressing the # key and the system will play back the name of the feed that is associated with the feed code.  Please listen and make sure it is what you expected to be ordering.  If not, use the * key to go back and enter the correct code.
The IVR next prompts for the late date and time to receive the load.  This entry must be in the format of mmddhhmm which means you will enter the 2 digit month, the 2 digit day, the 2 digit hour and the 2 digit minute of the latest date and time you want to receive the order.  The year is assumed by the program and will move to the next year at the appropriate time.  The system will play back the date and time that is entered.  The time is in 24 hour format, so if you want the latest time to receive the order to be just before midnight on the 2nd of January, you would enter 01012359 which would correspond to 11:59 pm on January 1.  This prompt is a specific length prompt and does NOT require the # key.
The IVR next prompts for the number of days lead time for the order.  This would be the earliest time that you are willing to have the order delivered and is based on the late date and time you entered in the previous prompt.  This prompt will only accept a 1 digit input and does NOT require the # key.  By entering a 1, the lead time will be 1 day prior to the late date and time entered in the previous prompt.  Enter 2 for 2 days and so on, up to 9 days.  If you enter a 0 for the lead time, you will get a message that you are entering an ASAP order and you must also call FSE to confirm that the order is ASAP.  The system will play back the date and time for the earliest you want the load delivered.
The IVR next prompts for the tons and tanks to be filled for this order.  This is a fixed length entry and does not require the # key at the end.  Entries must be made in the format of the first 3 digits being the tons with the 3rd digit being tenths (00.0) and the last 3 digits being the tank number.  If you want to put 10 tons in tank 5 you would enter 100005.  If you want to put 6.5 tons in tank 31 you would enter 065031.  Multiple tons and tanks can be entered for an invoice and do not have to add up to the amount ordered.  The system will play back the tank and amounts that were entered.

The IVR next prompts you with three choices:
  1. Enter more tons and tank for the order.  Entering a 1 will send you back to the tons and tank prompt
  2. Finish and save the order.  Entering a 2 will check all the information entered.  If everything is valid, the order will be saved and the system will play back teh confirmation number for the order entered.  If any errors occured, e.g. the customer number entered is not vaild feed order curstomer, the system will play an error message and ask that you can call the feed order operator for assistance entering the order.
  3. Abort the order.  Entering a 3 will cancel the order
If you entered a 2 or 3 for the last prompt, the system prompts for what to do next:
  1. End the call.  Entering a 1 will end the call
  2. Entering a 2 will enter a new order with the same customer number, load tons, and flock from the last order entered.  It will bring you right to the feed code prompt.
  3. Entering a 3 will send you back to entering the customer number to enter a new order.  No information will be copied from the last order.
  4. Entering a 4 will create a new order using all the information from the last order except the tons and tank.  It will bring you back to the tons and tank prompt.
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