Grain Marketing Options
  • Spot or Cash Sales - Grain is sold at the scale at the time of delivery based on the market price at that time.
  • Forward Contracts - Allows you to lock in a price for future delivery.  Monthly delivery periods extend out as far as 2022.
  • Condo Storage - pre sold long term storage agreements. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about availability and how it works
  • Price Late Contracts - Deliver grain at your convenience.  You may price the grain anytime during marketing hours.  A service fee may apply.  Cannot be under load, cannot be applied to forward contracts.
  • Warehouse Receipts - Storage fees and added drying apply.
  • Target/ Offer Contracts - Customer establishes a target price for a given delivery period and offer deadline.  If the price hits the target your grain is contracted (sold)
  • Basis Fix Contracts - Select a delivery period and lock in the respective basis for that month.  Final pricing is done by date or first delivery of First Notice day for the underlying future month.
  • HTA / Futures Fixed - Establishes CBOT Futures Price, while leaving basis open.  A service fee of .03 per Bushel.  Roll fee of .03 cents within the same crop year.
  • Defer Payment Contract - All corn sales can be deferred to Jan 1st of the next year. You must give us Advance notice.

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